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Winvill Art Studio is founded by Jerwin Villanueva. An artist with a very diverse background, Jerwin has breadth and depth of experience across different areas of art. Learning art as early as 5 years old (he started with room walls btw), his influence is largely from his family of artist which was further encouraged through countless of art competitions in grade school and in high school as he joined Visual Arts at Regional Pilot School for the Arts in the heart of the Art Capital of the Philippines - Angono. This all fuelled his competitive nature. He later joined Polytechnic University of the Philippines to study Advertising and Public Relations which helped develop his talent and interest in conceptualization, storytelling, character design, art direction, creative direction and animation.


Jerwin aspires to inspire other artists - lit up the fire within them, convey thoughts and creative ideas to his audience and seek individual freedom through art. And while his journey in the art industry may sound like it was all well-planned, he only came to love sculpting by accident. Watching his favorite movie series Lord of the Rings for the nth time, holding a chunk of modelling clay and his fascination with the character Gollum, VOILA! He now has a sculpture of Gollum's face! He has since developed his love for sculpting, most of which are from his favorite movie characters. In addition to Gollum in his collection are Yoda, Dart Maul, Jack Sparrow, Spiderman etc.

A jack of all trades through and through with an incredible 'can do' attitude, Jerwin is struggling for years to decide what he should focus on. He is always in a constant loop of fascination, exploration, application before he jumps to the next. That is until he joined his first custom art toy show through a friend's invitation. Jerwin has found a form of art where he can apply all of his acquired skills - custom original art toy. An art form that gives him freedom to explore each and every areas of art. An art form that is boundless. An art form that is ever-evolving.


Winvill Art has come to life.

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