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Who is Odyoboy?

Odyoboy read as /audio.boy/

Odyoboy is an original art toy designed by artist Jerwin Villanueva a.k.a Winvill. Inspired from portable casette players which reminds him of his childhood, Jerwin hopes to share his love for music through Odyoboy. The love that helped him recover from anxiety and depression during his teenage days.


The Lore

It is the year 3078 when the Great Depression began, resulting in a high number of suicide cases and mental health problems. A year after, Odyo Robotics, one of the most advanced robotics companies invented a robot in the hope of helping people ease their anxiety through music. The first model is Odyoboy, a 7-inch robot that plays music, dances and has the ability to detect emotions. The intelligent robot plays music depending on its owners’ mood and behavior. The invention was well received. Wanting to tap the affluent market, Odyo Robotics created an improved model. A bigger and more expensive model of Odyoboy was soon released. The robotics company offers 7-inch, 12-inch and 18-inch variants to cater to the growing market. It added significant features including digital and analog music. By the year 3082, the invention had seen an increased demand as it proves to be effective in helping people cope with mental health problems. Different industries offer brand collaboration and produce accessories and clothing for different Odyoboy variants. Soon after, Odyoboy has become a household name with the average ratio of one family owning at least one variant. It will then live for the next 1,000 years thanks to its durability.

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